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Do you have gas, bloating, chronic diarrhea, or constipation?

Stop suffering and find real, effective medical solutions to your worst digestive disorders and symptoms. Discuss your symptoms with our knowledgeable, compassionate staff today and start on the road to recovery.

Get specific answers and treatment services from our gastroenterology specialists

When it comes to your GI tract, count on our board-certified doctors specializing in gastroenterology. Dr. Young Yoo began his practice after receiving his gastroenterology fellowship training from the University of Pittsburgh, and is dedicated to providing careful, attentive, and reliable gastroenterology services.


We offer complete diagnostics and treatment services for colon polyps, stomach ulcers, colon cancer, and other digestive system disorders. Give our office a call today to schedule an appointment and see what our knowledge, experience and expert advice can do for you.

Find relief from your chronic digestive tract pain and issues

You don't have to live with your symptoms. Call our office today

and find a real solution and relief.